Ministry of Rum Caps
Keep your head cool and show your colors at the same time.
All of the Ministry of Rum caps are 100% cotton with velcro straps so one size fits all.
Ministry of Rum above and Ambassador embroidered below the logo in over 13,000 stitches make this one of the best logo caps anywhere.

Simply, the most durable and comfortable caps I've ever worn.
Call it coral or call it pink, this is one of our most popular caps. cap image
Coral cap with coral bill
Only $14.95
Denim cap with khaki bill, this two tone cap fits the bill, no pun intended cap image
Denim cap with khaki bill
Only $14.95
Khaki cap with denim bill, same as above with colors reversed
Khaki cap with denim bill
Only $14.95
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Last updated Nov 22, 2013

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