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Havana Club Añejo 7 Años

distilled by Havana Club International S.A. - Cuba

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Brown rum distilled from molasses. Aged 7 years.

Slightly more flavor than the five year old, I enjoy this rum when I can get it. Hints of roasted pecans, almonds and vanilla make this a bouquet of flavor that should be enjoyed with just a little water or ice.

Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

Havana Club 7 Year Old Cuban Rum

Sometimes when I take the first sip of new rum, I close my eyes and let the it show me where it belongs.  This rum brought me to an old tavern, close to the docks.  The kind of place you see in old movies where the rum flows and stories get taller in the telling.  The place has an oily, tobacco stained floor. Cigarette smoke drifts up to the ceiling mingling here and there with the occasional smell of a Cuban cigar.   A girl sits on a boardwalk stage, singing slightly out of key, as the patrons in the tavern pay more attention to their stories than to her.  A burly bartender, who looks like he can handle whatever trouble comes his way, wipes the sweat from his brow, and then with the same towel wipes the bar-top.  He glances at me playing solitaire in the corner of the room and sipping the rum he served me.  I had told him I would stay and pay him well if the rum was good.   He served me a soft oily, smoky rum called Havana Club.  I smile… the tip will be generous tonight.

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Review last updated May 26, 2010
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