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Zacapa XO

distilled by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala - Guatemala

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Brown rum distilled from sugar cane syrup. Blend of rums aged from 6 to 25 years. in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

 Like the other Zacapa rums XO is aged in a combination of bourbon, delicate sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine casks to create a unique depth of flavor and character. After three years the used barrels are emptied and then recharred while the contents are married with other rums in the first part of the Zacapa solera system. Scraping and recharring the used barrels give the rum a sweeter flavor from the newly charred wood.

The premium rum from Zacapa, XO is aged in used specially selected cognac barrels for an additional two years giving it a slightly drier flavor and finish compared to Zacapa Centenario Reserva.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

"Richness and luxury ooze from the nose of this sweet nectar.  Scents of mild toffee and spice combined with a rich oak and vanilla aroma rise from the glass to the delight of my nostrils.  There seems to be a light orange citrus weaving through the aroma.   The spices I can identify by smell are cinnamon and nutmeg with just a hint of cloves. ..."

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Review last updated January 25, 2010
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Zacapa XO

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