Ron Abuelo 12 Años

distilled by Varela Hermanos SA - Panama

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Brown rum distilled from molasses. Aged 12 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

New to the market in 2009, this 12 year old rum is the oldest rum bottled under the Abuelo label. Vanilla, toffee and baked fruit in the body lead to a smooth, drier smoky finish than their 7 year old. The elegance of Panama in a bottle.


Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Gold Medal - Premium Rum - 2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition
Gold Medal 2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition
Arctic Wolf's review    

Ron Abuelo Rum is produced by Varela Hemanos S.A. in Panama, Central America. This company has a history which dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela Blanco launched the first sugar mill in the then recently formed Republic of Panama. In 1935, the site began to distill sugar cane juice for the production of various kinds of spirits. Now today, the company produces an impressive array of products which includes over one million boxes of spirits and of course a strong variety of rums. The Ron Abuelo brand is just one brand from this wide assortment.

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