Renegade Panama Don José 1997

distilled by Varela Hermanos SA - Panama,

bottled by Renegade Rum Company, Murray McDavid Limited - United Kingdom

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Brown rum distilled from molasses. Aged 10 years in used American bourbon barrels.
Distilled at Panama's largest distillery in continuous stills, then aged and finished in port casks for color and flavor.
Bottled at 46% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

Renegade Rum Panama (Don Jose) 1997 (96.5 pts)

This Rum is aged in a bourbon cask for 10 yrs and then finished in a port cask. As far as I know the spirit was distilled at the Don Jose Distillery in Panama and shipped to Scotland for aging at the Bruichladdich distillery.

Probably the nicest Rum decanter I have seen.  I love the decadence implied here.

IN THE GLASS (9.5/10)
Awesome aroma with oriental spices, and brown sugar. A Mild fruity aroma like cherries sits at the very back of the nose.  This is extremely complex yet the differing smells act in unison complimenting rather than devouring the rum. I could sit and smell this all day!

IN THE MOUTH (58.0/60)
The flavour is really really nice. However I have found that this rum really changes a lot based upon what you have eaten and what the weather is like. On hot days it really cannot be beat, but there have been times when I notice the balance between the spice and the sweetness is just barely off.  I think this is the result of the port enhancement which give the rum extreme depth of flavour but also adds one more element to go awry.   What I like most about this Renegade is the way the Rum notes are in the forefront.  The Port is really an enhancement not a competing flavour.  Light Brown Sugar,  Oriental 7 spice mixture, and Cherries!

So so nice. There is a real flair to this one.  Very unique and yet completely in balance.  The finish is only slightly oily or buttery giving the rum a nice clean crisp landing.

I almost always want a second glass.  


Review last updated August 28, 2009
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Renegade Panama Don José 1997

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