Diplomático Rum Blanco

distilled by Distilerias Unidas, S.A. - Venezuela

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Clear rum distilled from molasses. Aged in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

Distilled, aged, carbon-filtered and bottled to compete at the highest level in the premium white rum category, Diplomático Rum Blanco hit the mark with a soft, light nose and exceptionally smooth body and subtle coconut finish.

Distilled and aged to compete with premium vodka, this white rum has just a hint of rum flavor and it is hoped that the slight coconut finish will be appealing to drinkers that aren't looking for a lot of rum flavor in their white rum.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Gold Medal - White Rum - 2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition Miami
Arctic Wolf's review    

The Diplomatico Blanco is a very recent addition to the Diplomatico line up. Working with Blend Wine and Spirits, The Blanco was added to the Diplomatico brand to serve as an alternative to premium Vodka for bartenders and connoisseurs. It is meant to occupy the high-end niche market formerly reserved only for high-end Vodka.

I was informed by PB Beverages that they are about to launch the Diplomatico Blanco in Alberta so my review hopefully is timely.

You May read my review by clicking on the link below:

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Review last updated October 30, 2010
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