Dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum

Clément Rhum Vieux

distilled by Simon - Martinique French West Indies,

bottled by Clèment - Martinique French West Indies

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Light brown rhum agricole distilled from fresh sugar cane juice. Aged at least three years in used whisky and bourbon barrels.
Bottled at 44% alcohol by volume.
Tiare's review    
The nose of this agricole is dry grass,burnt sugar and some citrus and the taste is very smooth. Its a very nice agricole and makes a wonderful Punch vieux. The bottle is really beautiful with a clean and elegant shape. A rum agricole I also would recommend for someone who hasn`t tasted agricole yet. This is a very nice rum agricole!
Review last updated October 29, 2008
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There are 8 sugar cane spirits bottled by Clèment.
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Clément Rhum Vieux
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Cuvée Homére Clément

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