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Cockspur Bajan 12 Crafted Rum

bottled by Hanschell Innis Ltd - Barbados

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Brown rum distilled from molasses. Blend of rums up to 12 years old aged in used whisky and bourbon barrels.
Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.
Gold Medal 2007 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition
Gold Medal - Premium Rums - 2006 International Sugar Cane Spirits Tasting Competition Ybor City
Count Silvio's review    
Gold amber with long, semi-thick legs.


Fresh tropical fruit aromas begin to rise immediately from the glass as the rum is poured in.

The first aroma is surprisingly that of poly cement mixed with wood aromas but it is not an unpleasant aroma, just slightly peculiar. For those who are wondering what poly cement is, it is a type of glue used in building miniature models.

The aromas are cool and fragrant with underlying hints of flowers, bourbon and raw bananas. Though the aroma is very smooth, it helps to detect the bourbon and bananas if you blow gently in the glass to remove the alcohol fumes that have gathered there

As the rum breathes, the initial glue aroma becomes more lenient and the general aroma becomes warmer and the addition of a couple of water drops brings out caramel.


The first taste is also slightly glue-like with floral and wood notes and there is also some bitterness. Cockspur 12 is medium bodied and dryish with a slightly coating oily body and it is very forgiving as there is no burn from the alcohol.


Smooth, fragrant and dry finish. Coffee, pleasant bourbon and vanilla notes, as well as some tropical fruit and slight bitterness.

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Review last updated January 12, 2009
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