Barrilito - Ron del Barrilito Three Star

bottled by Edmundo B Fernandez Inc - Puerto Rico

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Brown rum distilled from molasses. Minimum of 6 to 10 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels.
The older of the two rums from Barrilito, the extra time spent aging is evident in this heavier rum with a slightly smoky flavor that doesn't overpower the rum flavor.
Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.
Rum Runner's review    

The deep old gold color looks wonderful in the glass.

This really is the bigger, older brother to the Ron del Barrilito Two Star. The aromas are much more pronounced and complex. Nuts and molasses are intertwined with fresh mushroom and black truffle notes. The charred barrels leave a nice mark with a smokey tinge. There is something almost organic to the aroma also. Like the smell of wet earth after a fresh rain. Wonderful!

As promised by the aromas the flavors really pop on the tongue. The medium full body has a touch of sweetness to it but the 86 proof balances it out and gives a really good grip on the palate. The finish is warm, long and sustained with a touch of rancio lingering.

Overall a splendid effort in the Anejo style of rum. Those who like Whiskey/Whisky or Armagnac may take a liking to this spirit, and those who appreciate unique high quality rum will want to have a bottle of this in their collection.

The back label states a blend of rums aged six to ten years.

Bottled at 86 Proof.

93 Points.

One can enjoy this rum neat or with an ice cube or a slash of water. It also does well in a cocktail such as a Rum Old fashioned. As a diversion I like to make a simple cocktail of it with fresh passion fruit juice, an  equal part of rum, a dash of orange bitters, a few ice cubes and a twist of lime zest.

Review last updated November 23, 2009
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There are 2 sugar cane spirits bottled by Edmundo B Fernandez Inc.
Barrilito - Ron del Barrilito Three Star
Barrilito - Ron del Barrilito Two Star

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