La Favorite Cuveé Spéciale de la Flibuste

distilled by La Favorite - Martinique French West Indies

Very dark brown rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Aged 33 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

This rhum carries the oldest age statement of any commercially bottled rhum in the Eastern Caribbean.

The full flavor of smoky oak comes through from beginning to end of this complex rhum. As you would expect, the smoky oak flavor is the dominant characteristic of this aged rhum agricole but baked dark fruit - blackberry, date and raisin complement the body and the cinnamon oil and cardamom in the finish.

The ONLY way to get a bottle of this rum is to go to the distillery since it is in very short supply but bring someone else's credit card with you.

The 70cl bottles can't be exported to the US so don't even bother asking me for any of this rum.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
There are 7 sugar cane spirits distilled by La Favorite.
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La Favorite Cuveé Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite Rhum Blanc
La Favorite Rhum Vieux
Petite Shrubb
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