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Jack Iron

distilled by Angostura Ltd - Trinidad & Tobago,

bottled by Westerhall - Grenada

Light brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged.

Jack Iron from Westerhall is bottled at a little less alcohol than that found in the bars in Carriacou. This is a strong rum without the harsh alcohol taste you would expect from a rum that can literally light up your life.

Originally bottled on Carriacou by the schooner sailors that brought barrels of rum from the Caroni distillery in Trinidad north to Grenada and Carriacou. More recently Jack Iron is distilled at the Angostura distillery, the only legal distillery operating on Trinidad today but the trade remains.

Bottled at 70% alcohol by volume.
There are 4 sugar cane spirits bottled by Westerhall.
Jack Iron
Rum Sipper
Superb Light Grenada Rum
Westerhall Plantation Rum, wax top
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Jack Iron.
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