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Hamilton Florida Rum Society

distilled by Demerara Distillers Ltd - Guyana,

bottled by Five & 20 Spirits - United States

Dark Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged up to five years.

The Florida Rum Society requested I blend and bottle an exclusive rum just for them.

After tasting several samples at different strengths we settled on this full-flavor blend of 35% cask strength aged Jamaican Pot Still Rum from the Worthy Park Estate and 65% high proof aged Guyanese rums. These rums are blended over 48 hours before dilution to 90 proof over another five days with filtered well water at the Five & 20 Distillery in Westfield, NY.

All of the rum in this bottle is GMO-free and contains no gluten, sugar or other additives.

In Dec 2020 the first bottles were shipped to Florida where it is distributed through Progress Wine Group. Yeah I know it's a wine company but they also have a good selection of spirits and their spirits book is growing.

The fastest way to find a retailer is to visit the Florida Rum Society website.


For more information on more of the Ministry of Rum collection go to Caribbean Spirits, Inc. website.


Bottled at 45% alcohol by volume.
There are 7 sugar cane spirits bottled by Five & 20 Spirits.
Hamilton Florida Rum Society
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Hamilton Florida Rum Society.

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