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since 1887

Francois, Martinique French West Indies

Made on Martinique since 1887, Clément rhum agricole have been enjoyed around the world. Since 1989, Clément rhums have been produced at the Simon distillery on Martinique.

On the site of a sugar refinery built in 1770, the Habitation Clément was purchased by Homére Clément in 1887 and remained in operation until 1988. In 1991, it was the site of meetings between Presidents George Bush and Francois Mitterrand. Today, the estate land and buildings are a museum.

Educated in Paris, Homére Clément became a doctor and then returned to Martinique to become the mayor of Francois. On February 8, 1900, a confrontation between striking workers at the Francois sugar factory and the military led to the death of ten strikers. Clément intervened, called a cease fire, and was able, with the respect of the strikers, to negotiate and maintain a peaceful settlement.

The following year, he was elected to the Martinique Parliament. In 1902, after the eruption of Mount Pelée, he became the island's parliamentary representative in Paris. A popular politician, Homére Clément was often considered the uncrowned king of Martinique.

Rhum is no longer distilled here, but the Clément distillery remains complete and can be seen at the estate. Other exhibits document the slave trade between the New World, Africa and Europe. A display of cooper tools, in a 30,000-liter wooden cask, shows what remarkable work went into the construction and maintenance of these large vessels. Close your eyes and you can smell the rhum that was stored in this cask until 1990.

Clément Rhum Blanc is aged and bottled here at 50°, 55°, and 62°, but the rhums that are aged six, ten, and 15 years are the pride of Clément. Rhum Vieux from 1952, 1970, and 1990 are also available at the boutique.

At the visitors center, a short film documents the history of Clément, and you can sample the fine Clément rhums. There is a small fee to enter the Clément property, but come to relax amidst the beautiful gardens of one of the great estates of the last century.
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