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Foursquare Distillery


The Foursquare distillery is built on the site of the Foursquare sugar factory which was closed for many years before Richard Seale bought the estate and installed state of the art distilling equipment. A number of innovations are incorporated into the design in an effort reduce the environment impact of the spirits distilled here.

During fermentation, carbon dioxide is captured, filtered and sold to local gas bottlers. The distillery uses molasses as raw ingredient for fermentation and there is no bagasse to burn to generate steam, the cost of heating the wash is considerable. This multiple-column still operates below atmospheric pressure at a partial vacuum reducing the problem of waste heat as well as reducing the chance of fire associated with large boilers.

After distillation, the spent wash is aerated on a grid of plastic media reducing the oxygen load of the waste water, a common problem facing distillers.

As the stocks of aged rum distilled here increases more of the rum bottled by R. L. Seale and Co. is born here. This is also the birthplace of the Tommy Bahama rum brand.
There are 4 products in our database distilled by Foursquare Distillery.
E.S.A.Fields, See through, Stade's
Foursquare Spiced Rum
Tommy Bahama Golden Sun Rum
Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum

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Last updated October 11, 2008