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since 1980

Paris, France

Importers of a variety of rums to France.
There are 49 products in our database distributed by Dugas.
Admiral Rodney
Angostura 1824
Angostura 1919
Angostura Old Oak Gold
Angostura Old Oak White
Angostura Reserva 3 year old white rum
Angostura Royal Oak Select
Angostura Special Reserve Rum
Barbancourt Reserve du Domain, Barbancourt 15 year
Barbancourt Special Reserve, Barbancourt Five Star
Barbancourt Three Star
Barbancourt White
Barceló Añejo
Barceló Gran Añejo
Barceló Imperial
Bielle Chocolate
Bielle Coco
Bielle Liqueur de Bois Bande
Bielle Rhum Agricole
Bielle Rhum Vieux Hors d'Age
Bielle Shrub
Cadenhead 25 Year Old Demerara Rum
Cartavio 1929 Old Rum of Solera
Cockspur Bajan 12 Crafted Rum
Cruzan Aged Light Rum
Cruzan Estate Diamond
Damoiseau Rhum Vieux
Diplomático Añejo
Diplomático Reserva
Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
English Harbour Extra Old Rum
English Harbour Five Year Old Antigua Rum
English Harbour Reserve 10 year old
La Favorite Cuveé Spéciale de la Flibuste
La Favorite Rhum Vieux
La Mauny Rhum 1979
La Mauny Rhum Vieux
La Mauny Rhum Vieux Hors D'Age
Matusalem Classico
Matusalem Gran Reserva
Matusalem Platino
Ron Cartavio Gran Reserva
Sagatiba Pura Cachaça
Sagatiba Velha Esplêndida Cachaça
Sagatiba Velha Preciosa Cachaça
Saint Etienne Élevé Sous Bois
Saint Etienne Rhum Vieux
Séverin Rhum Blanc
Séverin Rhum Vieux