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Saint Martin French West Indies

Discovering new spirits and meeting the people who make them is the most rewarding aspect of my researching for these books, finding Ma Doudou was no exception.

Traveling on land, head north from Marigot past Grand Case to Cul de Sac, look for the Ma Doudou sign as you approach the water and turn right at the Hoa Mai restaurant. Most taxis know the way. Or call Ma Doudou at 87 30 43 from Saint Martin. Visitors are welcome during the day but call ahead to make sure someone will be here to show you around.

Founded by Corrine Burgaliare, Ma Doudou is a cottage industry, in every sense of the word. Considerable time was spent perfecting the process to combine natural fruit and spices with white rum from the Dominican Republic to make an unfiltered product that is pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Bananas, for example, have a tendency to turn brown or black unless they are properly prepared.

Each bottle is hand-blended then steeped in the tropical sunlight, a critical part of the process. The emphasis in all the Ma Doudou products is on quality. Then they are nicely packaged to compliment those contents and labeled so as not to detract from either the contents or the package. To attest to the success of Ma Doudou look around and see how many other rums in the local market are trying to duplicate her efforts.

Presently there are a number of distinctive Ma Doudou liqueurs being produced. Banane vanille, Banane cannelle, Lime Ti Punch, Noix de coco, 3 Epices (vanilla, ginger, cinnamon), Orange cannelle, Orange gingembre, Fruit de la passion, Vanille naturalle, Framboise, Ananas gingembre, Bois bande, and Carambole ou goyave.

Corrine also markets oils, vinegars and spices for cooking. She also uses essential oils from Caribbean plants in her specialty soaps, shampoos and beauty creams.
There are 5 products in our database distilled by MaDoudou.
Ma Doudou Banana
Ma Doudou Coconut
Ma Doudou Ginger
Ma Doudou Lime
Ma Doudou Shrubb (Orange)

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Last updated October 11, 2008