Saint Etienne

Gros Morne, Martinique French West Indies

Previously the site of the sprawling La Maugue sugar plantation, the property was purchased in 1882 and transformed into an agricultural rum distillery. Since that time, the estate has endured the trials and tribulations of Martinique's colorful history. The brand established a reputation for excellence and thrived until the 1960's when damage from successive hurricanes and a soft economy sent it into decline. The distillery closed in 1989, but the brand is kept alive by the current owners who buy fresh rhum agricole from the Simon distillery, then age and bottle it here.

While touring the estate, note the thick-walled stone buildings, typical of island architecture before steel-reinforced concrete became the standard. The Saint Etienne estate is the subject of more than a few islands legends that combine history, the after life and, of course, rhum.
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Saint Etienne √Člev√© Sous Bois
Saint Etienne Rhum Blanc
Saint Etienne Rhum Vieux

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Last updated May 8, 2010