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Located in the geographical center of the island of Jamaica, Worthy Park Estate is a privately owned and operated sugar factory and distillery. Originally a land grant to Lieutenant Francis Price in appreciation for his services to Cromwell during the English invasion and victory over the Spanish in 1665. The Clarke Family, the third family to own the estate and present proprietors, acquired the Estate in 1918. Between 1720 and the 1950's, Worthy Park continuously operated until Jamaica was producing an excess of rum and production was curtailed in an agreement with the Spirits Pool of Jamaica.

Currently Worthy Park is 3,600 hectares, mills 210,000 tonnes of cane annually including 90,000 tonnes produced by the Estate (the remainder purchased from Farmers) with an average annual sugar production of 24,000 tonnes and 7,000 tonnes of molasses. The Estate produces 83 tonnes of sugar cane and 10 tonnes of sugar per hectare.

The cane season commences on the first Wednesday of the year and continues for just over six months, ending in mid-June. About 500 are employed on the Estate making Worthy Park the largest employer in the local area.

In testimony to the dedication of the people who work at Worthy Park the sugar factory has been rated No. 1 in efficiency in Jamaica every year since 1968.

Since 2005, Worthy Park has been distilling molasses-based rum in an 18,000 liter copper pot still. Most of this rum is sold to blenders and bottlers. The distillery is also aging rum at the estate for sale in the future. Several different yeasts are used to make light, medium and higher ester rums. The main product is Rumbar Rum which is an overproof white rum that is gaining popularity not only on the north coast of Jamaica but around the island. As is the case for many producers around the world, distribution is a challenge even on a relatively small geographic area.
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Rum Bar Rum

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Last updated February 6, 2012