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Default Your opinion?

There are many inconsistencies, regarding some very well known rums. For example, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is widely praised but at the same time, a portion of people bash it heavily (ex "too sweet", "artificial flavor", "sugary scam"). Likewise, El Dorado 15 regularly tops mid price-range charts and affordable, quality sipping choices, but a number of people characterize it as awful and strongly suggest 21 over it. Or, Zacapa! For which they say it's way too damn expensive for what it offers, going so far as to recommend the first product in the line (least aged of all), over the flagship (Royal), or even over the XO, one of the most well known rums and mostly recommended.

I know it all comes down to personal taste, at the very end. But i would like to expand my horizons and collect some memorable stuff, for which i would certainly appreciate advice, info, insight, beforehand. Should i go after the mainstream and popular dealmakers? Like for example, the above mentioned three? Should i search for more expensive and refined, less mainstream/popular choices, such as Plantation, Appleton, Goslings etc? And specifically for the above 3... Should i go after the quite expensive flagships? Is getting Ambassador over Reserva Exclusiva, El Dorado 25 over 15 and/or Zacapa Royal over 23, so much more rewarding, than amassing the "best three" (Reserva Exclusiva, El Dorado 15, Zacapa XO)?
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