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Default Deep Sea Rum?

I may have posted this initially in the wrong forum so I am posting it here since this forum deals with specific brands.

I came across a bottle of Deep Sea Rum while my wife and I were visiting her sister for New Year's. This is somewhat of an enigma. The shrinkwrap around the top of the bottle reads "Bottled by Mango Bottling, Cocoa, FL for La Playa Beverage Houston, TX 713-392-1516". Some information online reveals a trademark for Deep Sea Rum to be held by Conway Vineyards, Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA. However that may be outdated information since it was filed in 2001 and renewed in 2003 ( Also see: which refers to Deep Sea Rum as a Florida license.

Online retailer Ace Wine & Spirits lists it as being produced in Mexico by Fabrica de Mezcal and shows a similar bottle but rather than the glass palm tree inside the bottle it has a blue fish. In fact, all the pics online I could find shows a blue fish in the bottte for the rum. I did find one pic of a bottle of Deep Sea Vodka with a glass dolphin inside. Also rather than a cork stopper my bottle has an acrylic topped plastic stopper.

This rum is truly an enigma.

Anyone know of this? If so, please let me know more about Deep Sea Rum. Thanks in advance.
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