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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
It is made from a combination of molasses based spirit and a small percentage of fermented rice. This white spirit has a lot of flavor and is used in chocolate making in Holland.
Dear all,

Batavia Arrack is in fact rum, its molasse based and only in the fermentation process local fermented rice is added just to start the fermentation. The specific local yeast which is used as well contributes to the specific and unique taste and flavour. Furthermore like in almost all rum distilling cases, the distillation is done in very specific pot stills, based on history; Chinese pot stills, since the Chinese brought distilling to Indonesia. it is still distilled in that "egg" shapped kind of pot still.
it is used in the famous Swedish national drink: Punch, its used in bitterliqueurs as "the secret ingredient since its a booster for the spices and herbs, its used as a rum flavour booster toghether with/ blended/ mixed with flavourfull rum in the confectionery industry and its used as a raw material in the flavour industry to create other aroma's and flavours. Or for the die hards it can be drunk neat as well. Any more questions just let me know.

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