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This is part of an article I found on line. Nelthropp is from Cruzan Rum.

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This brings us to the touchy subject of the aging statements on bottles of rum. Because of the Caribbean heat, an unusually high proportion of the rum evaporates from the barrel every year. As Nelthropp says: "In two years, we lose 15% to 17% of what we started with, thanks to the extreme heat. In 12 years, we have less than five gallons left in a 52-gallon barrel. We are still trying to figure out how some of our competitors are aging their rums for 24 years!"

While he's careful not to be censorious of his competitors in those jurisdictions where adherence to the rule of law might not be as exact as it is in the U.S. territory, the implication is that not all age statements on a bottle of rum should be taken at face value.

This was exactly my experience as I tasted my way through several dozen rums. In some cases, the older rums were not only smoother but had a far more intense and concentrated flavor. But in others, they just tasted old for the sake of being old--smooth but without character. The bottom line here is to remember that just because a rum carries a hefty price doesn't necessarily mean it's good.
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