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Originally Posted by RummyPDX View Post
RumBarPhilly- How is the Diplomatico? I see it constantly, but have yet to try it.. as memory serves at least. I have a buddy on the east coast that loves it, compares it to the Zaya 12 year, though slightly spicy and less fruity. Thoughts?
I had it referred to me by Scotte from this forum. I special ordered it and gave it a go. The first time I had it, I didnt enjoy. I think i wasnt feeling well and any alcohol in me wouldnt bear well. But the other night, I had a little more and its got this sneaking sweetness to it that I never noticed. Its very complex, not like Zaya. I find Zaya much more one-dimensional (but what a good dimension that is!) I would compare it more to a Barbandcourt 15 year, but with a slightly bigger bite. It does have a nice mdeium to long finish as well.
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