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Default Questions about Angostura Royal Oak 1824

Recently someone gave me 2 bottles of 12 yr. old Angostura Royal Oak 1824 rum (I think I'm lucky). Apparently the person bought this about 20-25 yrs. ago (he's not a rum drinker) and just kept it and basically forgot about it. Hence, I might be looking at 32-37 yr. old rum. Questions are:
1. I realize rum normally would age in a barrel, but how is it affected if it is kept in a bottle?.....improves/adverse effects/no effect?
2. how is it best to drink it?....on the rocks/mixed (or is that a big no-no?)/straight up?
3. there is a label on each bottle with a certificate number - if I contact Royal Oak can I get more info. on this rum?
4. is there any monetary value to this rum (or would it be current market value for the same rum?)

Any other info. would be appreciated.

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