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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
Is your dream to be married in Puerto Rico to a young wife and spend your days drinking rum, or working 18 hours a day to build a distillery?
1) Married to a young puerto rican woman...CHECK!
2) Drink rum everyday....CHECK!
3) Live in PR...eventually I hope so.
4) Work 18hour days...not my style.

But, it isn't really work if it is reaching for a dream. And this is one couple I intend to get behind to push their dream forward. Keep me updated Rum Runner, you know me, haven't seen a PR rum I haven't like yet.

Very interesting as from what I hear Pitorro/Canita is most prevalent in the Mayaquez area...think there were a lot of distilleries there back in the day.

Great article Rum Runner, Great news
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