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Default Conflicting opinions

Need to try something new. Naturally, i started searching for ratings and reviews online. I could afford expensive stuff, but i am more interested in pleasurable drinking. Sipping mostly, i don't do coctails and stuff.

Many people nominate the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva as an excellent choice. Huge scores, supposed earned rewards, lots of noise. But others rate it poorly, or downright attack it for being too sweet, uncreative and uninspiring.

Likewise, the El Dorado 15 years is all the rage. Lots of praise, high scores, contest awards again. Yet, another portion of rum drinkers bash it, too.

I noticed those two coming up really frequently, so i wanted to ask real connoisseurs' opinion on them. I believe they belong to the mid price range category. So, money's not a problem, but the risk of being disappointed is! Should i hit those two up? Will they hit the spot?
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