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Originally Posted by Justin1987 View Post
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I am gonna start with the eldorado. it is 13 dollars cheaper and i have read alot of good things as well as MGXO. Why did they age them in Whiskey barrels? Is there a reason or did they just do it to try something different? If i end up liking the el dorado then ill probably get the MGXO and if not back to the hunt.
The majority of aged rum is aged in used American whiskey barrels. For that matter, most Scotch, Irish Whiskey, and American brandy is aged in these barrels as well. Almost everything on the market is aged in American oak.

This is all because barrels can only be used once for Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey. As a result, hundreds of thousands of perfectly good once-used barrels are sold on the market each year. These are cheaper than new barrels, cheaper than European oak barrels (which are frequently re-used on site rather than being exported), and ultimately do not make rum taste too much like American whiskey.

A few rums that use alternative oak include French island rums (typically French oak is used), Dos Maderas (started in used bourbon barrels, finished in sherry casks), Santa Theresa (uses some [maybe all?] French oak), and the Plantation line (started in used bourbon barrels, finished in used cognac barrels)
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