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Default Help with good sipper

Hey guys, I been drinking rum for a while now mainly as mixed drinks. I decided to start drinking a few straight and am now looking for a few rums to choose to sip. I Have tried Admiral Nelson, Bacardi Gold, Captain Morgan, Captain Morgan Tattoo, Captain Morgan Black Label, Meyer's, and Sailor Jerry's. My favorite of those are Captain Morgan Black label and Admiral Nelson. I found a few i want to try but was wanting some help deciding. I am looking for a rum that is kinda sweet maybe a lil vanilla and nutty taste. I dont want it to taste like whiskey. I want it to go down smooth and something im going to really enjoy and wow me without breaking the bank. Heres a list of a few im available to get.

Ron Matusalem Gran Res.
Diplomatico Anejo Rum
Zaya Gran
Cruzan Single Barrel
Mount Gay Extra Old
Plantation XO 20th Ann.
Ron Abuelo 12 year
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Appleton Estate 12 year

I am having a tough time deciding.Any ideas and opinions would be very helpful thank you
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