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The Batavis Arrack mentioned above is bottled for Haus Alpenz to fill the demand from cocktail enthusiasts who spent too much time reading the old books about punch that included Batavia Arrack.

If you understand that this spirit was brought from Java to Holland in previous centuries to be used to flavor chocolate. Holland has and still does have a healthy distillation industry so there were a lot better things to drink that Batavia Arrack.

I don't know anyone who drinks/sips Batavia Arrack but I have had a few drinks that weren't bad that included it, in small quantities. It should also be noted that in Java, I lived there for three years and sampled every food and drink in my path, and didn't find anyone drinking it there. I never found a bottle of Arrack with what I would call a real label. And considering that I could buy Myers's Rum for $5 a bottle, it wasn't hard to decide what to drink.

At that time a large beer was more than a dollar and the average per capita income was less than a dollar.
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