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Default Dunder Pit Rums

It scares me to think about this...I've been doing this for awhile now...Back in the early 80's I bought some Jamaican Dunder Pit Rums from Daryll Corti (Whom I was judging wine with) of Corti Bros. in Sacaramento, Ca. They had been shipped in Hogsheads to London in bond and aged anywhere from 7 to 15 years then bottled by places like Harveys and Wm. Cadenhead..Dunder Pit would be the equivilent to Sour Mash in Bourbon...The starter yeast for the low wines from a previous mash left to "age" and then distilled over to a low proof to carry over the esters...Like sex in a bottle...Are Rhum Agricole mashed this way...Any Jamaican Stills doing this now?
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