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Originally Posted by TheRumelier View Post
My personal opinion is to go with a gold/amber rum of some age. Spiced rum drinkers tend to stick to Capt. Morgan. However, white is usually cheaper to produce, but people are not willing to pay a great deal of money for it. People will pay more for a good aged rum, obviously the older it is the more they are willing to pay. There are plenty of new rums coming out of the DR right now, so you will need to have a good rum and a good original concept and marketing plan.
I will volunteer to be the official taster if you need one!!
Good luck on on this project and please let us know how it develops.
I agree ,the aged rums are (7yrs or older) better and so i am willing to pay more for an aged rum. As an example Havana Club 7yr old is much smoother
and more tastefull than Havana Club especial, wich is fine.
The golden or more amber color rums has usually more taste than the white
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