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Default Compared Brugal Anejo to Extra Viejo

Stopped at my local store on the way home to see if they had anything new in. Picked up a bottle of the newly available Brugal Extra Viejo. Got home and had to crack open the bottle and compare it to the Brugal Anejo I also have stocked in my cabinet.


Price: Anejo-$13 Extra Viejo-$26
Color: The Extra Viejo is just a tad darker in color.
Nose: The Viejo had a slighly less buttery/toffee smell with more of an oak aroma
Taste: Took quite a few sips to really pick any difference between the two rums. The Anejo actually had more of a smooth toffee flavor the Viejo was a bit dryer but not much. I actually gave my wife a few sips of both and she swore they were the same rum.

Conclusion: I liked the slightly drier taste of the Extra Viejo, but, for me at least, I am not able to justify a 2x price difference between the Extra Viejo and the Anejo. But the great thing about rum is there are a large variety of profiles to fit everyone's different taste preference.
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