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I opened the Ron Caсita tonight, and my first reaction is, wow. This one is nothing like the Don Q Cristal I bought with it. I would call the nose and main flavor soft molasses. I pulled out the jar of real molasses to make sure (I'm still new at this...) There's something on top that is in the nose, the main flavor, and the finish, and I'm having trouble defining it. I ran it under the nose of Mr. Single Malt (aka, Mr. lperry), and he can't figure it out either. I think this is what you are calling the mown hay. It lightens the molasses and adds this lovely botanical note. It's heavier in body than any white rum I've tried, and I'm thinking this could be the higher alcohol content (?) I made a daiquiri with it (2 oz rum, 1/2 oz fresh lime, 1 tsp sugar) and it is a fantastic drink. Dangerously good.
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