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Ed, doesn’t appear that the polls have been a popular spot here in the last several months. Here a few of ideas:

Why Rum?
- It is a mostly flavor choice
- Peer pressure, my friends drink rum
- I like the rum image
- Rum has mystique
- I am a pirate at heart
- Caribbean heritage
- It’s nautical (boating and fishing just go with rum)
- Rum offers a more interesting history than other beverages
- What other choice do I have?
- Other

Favorite Distillery Region[List the countries and Islands]
I personally like Jamaica and Barbados I am curious if there are origins that are more popular with the members.

If I am not drinking rum, I am probably drinking
- Absinthe
- Beer
- Bourbon
- Brandy
- Cognac
- Gin
- Juice
- Milk
- Port
- Rye
- Schnapps
- Scotch
- Sherry
- Sour Mash
- Tequila
- Vodka
- Water
- Wine
- Other
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