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Default Introduction

Hello, all.

My name is Jason and my pursuit of rum follows two parallel paths concurrently.

My first introduction to rum happened around the age of nineteen. Shortly before moving out of my mom's house some drunk college kids tossed the coolest bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock I have ever seen:

So off to the store I go one night in search of private stock. Imagine my disappointment when the current style bottle is all I could find. So I have been on the lookout for nigh on two decades. But I started drinking regular Captain n Cokes as a result. Other than their different varieties, I had not really branched out to other rums.

The second path was seeing an image of the Black Tot consignment rum. Sticker shock floored me but as I researched its history over months I have run across different sites, including this one to help expose me to premium rums and different options other than Captain.

So far I have only tried Zacapa 23 which I liked. Next on my list will be Pyrat (because I am actually interested in the citrus overtones I hear about) and the El Dorado 12 and 15.

Also, if anyone can tell me about my unique Private Stock bottle or where I might find more, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Thank you, everyone!

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