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Default A brief introduction from a newbie

Hello all, my name is Jason. I am actually not much of a drinker, but I like handmade, craft type products. I have had lots of interests and hobbies over the years, most of which involved me learning some kind of skill or craft. Primitive Bowmaking, braintanning, herbal medicine, gardening, outdoor photography, flint knapping, wild fiber plants, and other skills as they came up. I have had my time learning to brew beer and ferment wine as a teenager and when I get myself set up intend to start that again. Part of that process will hopefully include some time with craft distilled beverages. Again, not really a drinker, but man, I sure am interested in these wonderfully crafted liquors. I hope that is an adequate introduction for now. Looking forward to chatting with some of you. Be Well, Jason
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