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Default New Selecto Rum from Santa Teresa Venezuela

Santa Teresa has recently launched Selecto brand under the selling name of "Blend of Rums". From their web page they claim the following:


Selecto, Santa Teresa’s Premium rum par excellence, which we are introducing to the world, is a blend that combines the smoothness that only experts can achieve along with a tasteful and exciting avant garde note.
Selecto appeals to a sophisticated generation that celebrates success with quality, and gives a whole new dimension to a category that is only just beginning to be discovered…
Its silky body arises from a blend of first class rums. Aging in oak barrels gives it the splendor of its characteristic golden color and woody vanilla-like aroma, making Selecto robust, complex on the palate and consistent to the end".

I have not tasted yet. I saw it in the market shelf and I was particularly impressed with price that is around 25 USD. I respect a lot Santa Teresa's heritage and particularly this Vollmer family that has done a tremendous work to maintain a Rum tradition in the country but this price is well above the buying capacity of the majority of Venezuelans. I still believe that Rum should be accessible to low socioeconomic classes. Anyway their still having Santa Teresa good value choices like Gran Reserva, Carta Roja and Superior. Marketing campaign of new Selecto is very strong with wonderful POP materials.

Hope this helps, Fabio.
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