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Hey guys, I just tried a great new Rum: Vocк Brinca. Distilled from virgin sugarcane by a process using wild heirloom yeasts and naturally occurring fungal elements and quintupely filtered rainwater collected in coconut-leaf lined washtubs. The pot-stills produce a crystal clear distillate, which is filtered through sun-dried lime and orange seeds (a byproduct of the local fruit juice industries). Aged in oak barrels imported from Spain that had previously been used for Solera processed Amontillado and then hand scrubbed with volcanic ash.

Produced in Petite Mustique by Cuban йmigrйs posing as French mimes this delicious golden rum is extremely light in character while providing depth from its minimum thirty-year barrel maturation. Predominate taste include an underlying molasses mouth-feel topped with hints of ripe banana peal and tomato seed and a general sweetness masked by its inherent tartness. According to Mustiquian tradition, no caramel or sugar is added to the finished product. Highly Recommended if you are ever in the Grenadines. Or post your Visa Card Number and Expiration Date and someone will send you a sample.
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