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It sounds like the JM ESB is worth trying. I really wish the 1997 were cheaper, but the more I think about it the more I want it...

So far the only Rhum Agricole Blanc I've had is the Clement Premiere Cannes, and I think that "unique" might be an understatement. It's so far out of line with molasses-based rums. It's very nice in the right cocktail, but a bit too much for me - at this point in time - to drink neat.

But the Clement VSOP is very nice, and I liked the St. James Ambre, too. Given them and the 1997 I might just have to "work backwards" - from aged to young - with agricoles. I do love the complexity in the aged stuff - almost like cognac.

This past weekend a friend managed to get me a bottle of the Depaz Blue Cane, and I'm looking forward to that. Another friend got me a nip of Trois Rivieres white. So I've got a couple more agricoles to sample and decided on the 1997.
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