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The 1997 is aged 10 years, and it is fantastic. I had it at a rhum tasting, and it was in the league of fine cognacs. (And I like cognacs.) But it's so expensive...

I did not get a taste of the Sous Bous, as it was not offered at the tasting. But the price is more to my liking. :-)

I know that the J.M. rhums are now in Massachusetts, but I did not realize that they were not previously available in the US. I spoke with Ben Jones from Clement, and I guess that Clement recently bought JM, which is maybe why they are now becoming available. I also spoke with Jim Rossbach who's the distributor in Mass but is from Connecticut, so maybe they're available in CT, too.

If you wish, PM me and I'll give you their emails. I'm sure they'd be willing to give more info - Ben has always been very helpful with my agricole questions.
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