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Hello Scottes,
Were you able to taste the Eleve Sous Bois? I ask this because the taste profiles were probably pretty different. The ESB was probably aged around 1 -2 years, and the 97 may have been aged anywhere from 3 to 10 years, maybe more. Let me know, and I might help you with more info that will help you make your decision. I brought back a JM Rhum Tres Vieux Agricole Special Reserve from ths islands, for which I paid about $50. I love the rhum, but I was able to taste it before purchase, and I felt the price was fair, and I know it spent some time in the barrel. Also, check out the thread I added on Vintages recently. I am a big Agricole junkie, and I am still studying these types of rhums. I have about 20 in my collection, and have tasted more in the Islands. By the way, this is the first I have heard of JM being available in the states. Do you have more info on this?
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