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For me, my drinking experiences is most important.

I have 3 stages:

- Try it / be strongly recommended it
- Buy it & drink it
- Evaluate how long it took me

Obviously trying it helps determine if you like a product! But your palate can be altered in the moment, trying to subsequent time or seeing how long it takes you drink a bottle tells if you really like it. Recommendations can come off or fail.

If I buy a bottle & it goes down really quickly, Ill buy it again & probably anything by that brand (that's you Havana Club, Appleton, El Dorado, Plantation) - if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!

If I end up with 3rd of a bottle for a while, it will be used to compare to other rums & the lessor one will not be purchased again (that's you Cockspur, Sailor Jerrys, etc).

I do take punts (based on reviews or online reputation) but that's when I go to a 'special' store that does stuff I cant get near me (i.e. Gerrys in Soho, London) :-)
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