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Default 4 Rules for buying something new...

My personal thing is that there are four things that make me consider a purchase of a new rum not previously tasted, assuming I have the cash to flash that day, and only four:

1. My own knowledge of what's coming from a particular maker. For example, I'll absolutely get any El Dorado estate rum if I have not already got it.

2. Word of mouth from a person whose opinion I respect (this immediately excludes any 18-yr old clerk at Sobey's trying to flog a new purchase on me)

3. The expense. Fine, I'm a shallow fella. But if it's a choice between a $25 bottle and a $40 bottle, it'll probably be the $40 bottle that gets me because I'm making an assumption - rightly or wrongly - that the production quality is reflected in the price. Note that in a conflict between #1 and #3, #1 wins - the Tanduay Superior 12 yr old is a perfect example of this in action.

4. Have I reviewed it and is it of a kind - geographical, age or otherwise unique - that I would want up on my site ASAP?

I must also state that I buy old favourites constantly (not least because they are almost all cheap) - I always have a Young's Old Sam and a low-end Appleton on hand in my house for casual imbibing, for example.

R van D
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