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Rum Dusty Hunting has been good to me of late for the Planters Gold. A buddy and I have run across some bottles between 25K-99K range.

I have also found some differences with the bottling:
Three label changes:
  • Water mark style God (up to 198K that I have seen)
  • God to the left in a rectangle (one that was 330K ish
  • God on the left in bronze (450K though today as far as I know)

Two card board box changes (there are lots of other boxes X-mas, picture, round, others?):
  • White Box from Anguilla (up to 165K that I have seen)
  • Orange Box from Pyrat (one at 330K ish)

Five Medallion changes:
  • Anguilla with no writing on the back (before 20K that I saw)
  • Anguilla with with a sticker on the back of writing (20-50K)
  • Anguilla with writing (I think my 36Ks have writing, need to check when I get home - though 160K)
  • Pyrat with writing that included small children (200K-550Kish)
  • Pyrat that took the reference to small children off (550K ish through today)

As far as I can tell, through about the 120-140K range, the rum is all the same. The 145K-200K the rum is a little lighter, not a complex and smooth, but very good (still very dark compared to today). By 300K-500K the rum is lighter, but still pretty complex and unique. I have not had any I recall between 600-900K. After 1M it is mostly a great mixer only. I have a few more 300-500K left at home that I will be lighter with in use...
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