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I stumbled on a case of Pyrat XO all in the white box...they're all in the 36k range. I had never had Pyrat before but I trusted Spun_cookie and grabbed 11 of the 12 of them. The one I left behind had leaked a bit from the owner storing the bottle on it's side. I kept 5 for myself and sent 6 to the cookie as I'm more of a bourbon guy but I'm branching out into other spirits. So far I've added Pyrat XO in the 36k range, Vizcaya XO, ED15, Diplimatico, some recent bottling of Pyrat XO ($10.99 a bottle), Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan, Mount Gay Silver, Captain Morgan Private Stock, Appleton XO, and Pusser's Navy Rum...with the first 4 of the bottlings being drank neat..after that the balance are being used for mixing. I have to say that of the ones that I've tried neat the old Pyrat XO so far is my favorite. Thanks for the tip on buying them Spun_cookie!
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