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Default Going to a bar and finding great rums

I was in NYC this weekend with my daughter. She took me to a couple of speak easy's in our bar hopping. To my pleasant surprise, they had a rum that comes from the Minister himself - Hamilton Rum. It was the first time I ever had it. The 151 was used in the drink that was made, but the bartender offered me a taste of the regular proof rum, and had a really nice sipping flavor.

In general, I've had some luck in finding decent rums at bars. A chinese restaurant I frequent (a client of mine - I'm a CPA) keeps Zaya rum in stock just for me. Don't see that often at a chinese restaurant. They also had 10 Cane for some reason which I polished off in a few visits. That was a one off for them. I'm lucky to get Myers, Goslings, and Mt Gay as my choices at a bar, the 3 rums I consider my lower shelf rums
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