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Default 1979 J. Bally Rhum Agricole

Tomorrow night I will have a taste of this rhum. A friend of mine was given this rhum by a client who lived on Martinique about 4 years ago. I have the 98 and it is an excellent agricole. We all know that sometimes a Vintage year does not mean that much, what matters is the aging and distillation of the rhum in the bottle. But, we have to trust that in most cases vintages are given to rhums that are especilly good that year. Knowing the care that Martinique producers take with most of thier agricoles, I imagine this must be a good one. We are going to compare the 79 to the 98, just for fun. I remember being in St Barth's 2 years ago when I purchased the 98, and seeing a 93 and a 95 Vintage. I believe the price was around $110 for the 93, I bought the 98 for around 50.
Does anyone have any idea what the agricoles were like back then, or have any interesting info on this rhum? Ed, can you toss something in the mix?
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