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I have one bottle of The Ron Zacapa 23 Anos, which may or may not be the same as the 23 Solera, which I am saving for the right moment. I also have several rare whiskies which are now unavailable, as well as a few single cask offerings that are sold out.

It must be just my peculiar nature, but I really do not care whether the people I share them with are connoisseurs or not. To me what matters is that they appreciate the effort. Last summer, I brought out a bottle of Single Cask Bunnahabhain 30 year old for two friends. Now these guys were not primarily Scotch drinkers, so the nuance of the spirit was maybe lost on them. But what was not lost was the ambiance of sipping something which was special. And yes both of them sipped it straight, then they added a touch of Sprite and enjoyed it thoroughly.

About a week later, these guys filled a pickup truck with firewood (I have an outdoor firepit) and brought it over just out of the blue. They hauled it and stacked it without asking help.

I never regretted sharing with these guys.
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