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I love it when you see things like Celebrities who advocate a day of going without your car for the entire day, and what kind of environmental impact that would make if everyone just did not drive their car on that one day.

(And then the very next day, John Travolta gets aboard and pilots one of his five private jets)!

Unfortunately, "organic" has become a mega-marketing monster that has filtered it's way down to the ranks of alcohol spirits.

Some of it's viable, some of it I'm sure is subtleties and "partial truth" and a lot of story-stretching to get you on board.

I suppose if I went to the actual distillery, talked to the people there, learned as much about the product as I could, and the product actually tasted good - yeah, I'd probably become a very loyal buyer/consumer.

I find myself repeatedly buying the same brand of chocolate because I visited the factory and liked what I saw (and tasted), I like a specific micro brewed beer because I went to the factory and liked what I saw (and tasted).

I'm sure it'd be no different for me with a good rum. Now, just gotta find a way to get to the Caribbean! I'm envious of you who are already there, or live in Florida and it's like driving across the border into Wisconsin for me (but much more enjoyable)!
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