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We're coming into an ever-increasing age of hearing about eco-friendly producers of... everything.

Yes, I think it is important. Very important, but I also consider a lot of it is pure marketing and marketing gain. Take the high-end eco-friendly grocery chains. They tout buying wind energy credits, sell organic, etc.

I read an interesting article a few months ago (I wish I could properly leave credit for it), where it made an excellent point. These stores really play up supporting local growers of organic products, they "showcase" this all over the store, but upon close inspection, the shelf space given to local producers is a tiny tiny fraction. Why? It's probably cheaper to bring organic apples up from Chile (or whatever the product is). The problem however, it how much fuel in consumed, and pollution created in the transport of those Chilean apples???

I find a lot of organic products to be excessively expensive and I believe that they are playing on the heartstrings of people who want to "go green" and also fears about hormones added to milk (a lot of which is not even true), and are willing to do it at even a much higher cost.

Do I think the rum industry should be "green"? I think all manufacturers that create any waste products or consume energy (which is, gee, well, about all of them), need to do what they can to be more eco-friendly.

However, I'm not buying any rum/rhum based on how eco-friendly the producer is. (I'm bearing in mind that those who market their products as being "organic" are often going to great lengths of exagerating the truth). Now, if someone sold me a really good story on how they produce eco-friendly, and make a rum I really liked at a reasonable price, you can bet I'd buy it.

Interesting story though -for those of you who like vodka - check out Vermont Gold Vodka. These guys are EXTREME!!!

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